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Sunil Mehta - Gurgaon, India (Asthma)
Melaine - Manila, Philipines (Psoriasis)
Gyani - Ohio, USA (Lichen Planus)

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Brain Tumour (Suman, India)

Is there any treatement for brain metastates

Bed Wetting (Vimal, Australia)

Is there any best homeopathy medicine for bed wetting

Styes (Mithra, Canada)

Swelling/perhaps stye over upper eyelid. Any treatment in homeopathy ?

Lipoma (Prasant, Singapore)

I have some swellings on my back. they are not usually painful. but sometimes causes pain. they are diagnosed as lipoma. also i have seen a small swelling on my left hand.plz suggest some remedies.

Urinary Tract Infection (Zubedha, Mexico)

Can you advise on a homeopathic remedy for urinary tract infection in pregnancy - 6months +

Lipoma (Munna, Poland)

My son is suffering from Lipoma around neck and feels pains in his knee and other joints. The uric acid level is 9.0 against normal range of maximum 7.5. Creatinine is 1.24 against 1.1 as normal range. For liver SGPT (ALT) is 69 higher than 41 (for male)

Lipoma (Giri, Lithuania)

kya lipoma ka 100% treatment hai aap kai pas

Hepatitis D (Kasim, Ecuador)

Is there any cure about Hepatitis D?

Adenoid Hypertrophy (Parvesh, Ghana)

Hello, I live in Greece and I have a five-year old daughter who is diagnosed with adenoid hypertrophy. The child snores in his sleep since the age of one. She breathes with open mouth and I have observed many times that her breathing stops for some seconds. This year was the first school year for her and she has suffered otitis in both two ears (five times this year). The doctors claim that the only treatment is surgery. My husband and I use sustainable medicine, but even the homeopath doctors we reached, told us that they can not interfere. We don't want to use antibiotics, nor we believe that the solution is surgery. We are trying to find a friendly and holistic treatment for our daughter and understand the causes of this problem. So, we are reaching you for any help you can give. Thank you and we hope you will answer us the soon as possible.

Azoospermia (Mujit, Slovakia)

Respected sir as a bad habit if a man rub his testicles and as a result testicles are overheated so it is possible that he would be azoospermia

Lipoma (Prem, Uganda)

Can lipoma be treated without surgery? I have multiple lipomas and i am seeking treatment

Schizophrenia (Raasi, Barbados)

My mother is schizophrenia patient since 15 years how auroh help in curing shcizophrenia

Dialysis (Ajay, Guyana)

Doctor, My father is a dialysis patient. His age is around 53 yrs. He is a diabetic patient & since Dec'10 doctor starts dialysis. He has the infection of Hepatitis C Virus. I would like to know is there is any possible treatment in Homeopathic for this problem.

Amoebiasis (Siddhardha, Guatemala)

Sir, I am a 25 years old boy. I am suffering from amoebiasis for last 8 years. taken consultation of many Doctors but got no relief. At present I am suffering from Constipation, loss of apetite etc. Please help me..

Premature Ejaculation (Hansin, Malta)

I want to advice and homeopathy drug for premature ejaculation

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