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Alzheimers (Abjijit, Norway)

My father is suffering from alzheimers iam medcating him ginkobilobaQ,anacardium,hysocymas but there is no improvement

Erectyle Dysfunction (Grasil, Cyprus)

Hello, Sir , iam 43 yrs old , at the age of 22 i had a fall that hit directly my pubic area and afterwards it caused a lot alot for many many years later burns feelings and stings in the pubic area and around the penis which was accompanied with touchable Erectyle dysfunction , and eversince i had impotence , i do have slight erections that do not last for long interrupted errections that are not satisfied and also interrupted by premature ejaculation . i tried Viagra and cialis , they worked abit but they didnt give me the feeilng that i used to have , i mean these pills didnt give me a very strong errections , So my ED RESULTED mostly from NERVE DAMAGE , so what shhould i do ? to over come these two problems , can you please help me , i really need your help What to do , i cant create my own plan for that , and its really embarrassing whenever i need sex to go to pharmacy its not comfortable , can you help me to put a plan for my situation ? thank you basil beglium

Vitaligo (Nehas, Lebanon)

My 5 year old son has Vitaligo on his legs and knees. We have no family history and he is healthy. Can it be cured? First noticed in april 2010 and since Aug is spreading faster

Adenoid (Sreedhar, Morocco)

My son is suffering with Adenoid Age 3 -4 yrs

Premature Ejaculation (Ravi, Portugal)

I am a 26 yrs male,i had masterbating since 12 yrs of age,i had no physical problem but i am suffering from premature ejaculation.

Lipoma (Sandeep, Denmark)

I am suffering from multiple lipomas in my body for a long time. They have recently increased in number. PLEASE HELP !

Lipoma (Soniya, Jamaica)

My husband is 30 yrs old.5 years back we saw asoft nodule type of thinh on his back.On showing to doctotor,he said this is lipoma, no worries. But after 5 years he has developed almost 5 such nodule at back. they are small and can only be felt if we roll fingersbut they are very much present. Are they dangerous, how can I cure th with homeopathy...They pain if touched...Please advise..need your help

Brain Tumor (Viroop, Jordan)

Is it possible to treat brain tumour by homeopathy medicine?

Hepatic Cirrhosis (Kamalesh, South Korea)

I am hepatic patient B and D, B is not active in PCR test but D is active in PCR test now liver condition is bad in chronic phase and i m serious. i am getting homeopathic medicines suggested by doctor which are. CHEONANTHUS VIRGINICUS Q NATRIUM SULPHURICUM 6X 10x3 drops, 4x3 tablets a day. please help and suggest me in this reqard as im in serious condittion.

HPA Axis (Monika, Kuwait)

Is there a homeopathic rememdy to help the hpa axis without steroids? thank you.

Azoospermia (Ziva, Chile)

What is a suitable medicine for azoospermia in homoeopathy?

Adenoid Hypertrophy (Kalpesh, India)

My child is being recommended for adenoidectomy. not sure if absolutely required. will homeopathy help immediately?

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Children between ages 2-12 yrs. are very prone to get infection or inflammation of Adenoids. Generally most of the Allopathic physicians recommend, antibiotics or steroids or surgery. But these are... read more

Psoriasis (Ana, Australia)

Is psoriasis contagious and is more prevalent in men or women or any ethnic group ?

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No, psoriasis is not contagious. It is not something you can "catch" or "pass on. Psoriasis occurs nearly equally in men and women across all socioeconomic groups. It is also present in... read more

Paranoid Schizophrenia (Yusuf Gigani, Puerto Rico)

My younger bro age 22 yrs is paranoid sizophrenic and in rehab centre in pune since 3 yrs but there is no change in is health can u plz help us.

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Mr Yusuf paranoid schizophrenia is a Genetic disorder, and its common form of schizophrenia world over. The sypmtoms include delusion of persecution, hallucinatory illusions, hallucinations of smell or taste, or of sexual or other bodily sensations; visual hallucinations may occur but are rarely predominant. The course of paranoid schizophrenia may be episodic, with partial or complete remissions, or chronic.

Rehabilitation would only partially and temporarily improve the condition but never cure his condition completely. Homeopathy is the only therapeutic science which can improve your brother. So please send us the details of the case along with a photograph of your brother so that we can advise you accordingly.

Eczema (Anumeet Kaur, Finland)

Hey this side anumeet kaur of class 11th suffering from eczema and my weight is also gaining because of irregular periods i need your help to cure my disease as i already consult allopathic doctor .. though the medicene are not effective.. hope you help me

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Hi Anumeet Eczema and overweight can be effectively treated and cured by homeopathy. Allopathic medicines will only temporarily give relief,but homeopathy treatment will permanently cure all your problems effectively. The overweight could be an outcome of imbalance in hormones caused due to irregular periods and vice versa. We recommend you to immediately start the treatment . Please send us some more details about the case and send us pictures of the affected part and your pictures so that we can access the case and advise you accordingly.

Diabetes Mellitus (Mohammad Mobeen, Iran)

I am a person with a history of diabetes Type II for the last ten years . My age is 44 and I am facing sex problems for the last one year like Erectile Dysfuntion, Pre-ejuculation. Presently i am on medicine for the control of diabetes which is controled now a days. Please Suggest me some homeopathic medicine which is avaible here in pakistan rawalpindi. I shall be very great ful to you for this act of kindness Thanks & Regards!

Brain-Tumour (Lydia, Hong Kong)

My mother in law has had a brain tumor for over 3 years. She has had 2 surgeries and she had a procedure done called Gammaknife. The tumor is still present but has stopped growing at the present time. Her speech and motor sensors have been interrupted and there is nothing that can be done about that according to speech therapists. I have been talking to her about homeopathic medicine. I am one who believes that homeopathic remedies are a great thing and have used them for my family and myself for years. I am clueless about what to give her as remedies for this. Can you help me?

Adenoid Hypertrophy (Grecy Lynn M Dalupang, Oman)

Good day! I am Grecy Lynn M. Dalupang, an 18 year old female student. I am suffering from adenoid hypertrophy. I am taking Nasal Corticosteroids (Fluticasone Propionate Nasoflo) for a month already and took antibiotics (Co-amoxiclav and Cetirizine) for 9 days straight. I was also put to endoscopy last June 10, 2010 and again today (July 26, 2010) but there seems to be of no difference. Now, I am scheduled for biopsy. I was searching in the internet for other options; where came to run in your website. I wanted to try your medication. How could you help me with my illness? Thank you very much!

Depression (Sibi, Taiwan)

I am under the treatment for depression for the last 5 years iam taking duzela20 aten 25 ativan 2 and libotrpds, i am 32 years old and my weight is 88kg, can i change into homeo treatment?

What is my problem? (Audra, Sri Lanka)

Hello, My husband has subacute thyroiditis and we are seeing endo on tuesday,but until then what he could apply to his neck to reliev pain and swelling. Ibuprofen is not helping. Thank you.

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Hello Ms Sheila external ointments or lotions will not help decreasing the pain and swelling, since subacute thyroiditis is a deep seated problem it requires a proper homeopathic treatment, which deals with patients condition as a whole.

Ibuprofen is not advisable in such condition,as it may aggravate the disease more,though reducing the pain temporarily. We would advise you not to use any pain killers or lotion now, and start a proper homeopathic treatment as soon as possible.

What is my problem? (Mulla, Hungary)

My daughter is 5.5years old. she is having frequent running nose with thick greenish mucous.after antibiotic treatment it is cleared but appears again soon

What is my problem? (Ziaul, China)

My wife ,age about 45. suffering pain in the rectum. diagonisis made and findings chronic anal fissure & Rectocele - Yes. burning sensation after bowel and chronic pain.

Amoebiasis (Hemnadh, Serbia)

I have been suffering from amoebiasis for three years.i took many english medicine but i did no get any relief.i have to go for fresh 4 to 5 times in a day.please suggest me proper medicine sothat i may sort this problem.

Cirrhosis of Liver (Anil, Slovenia)

Liver cirrhosis wid hepatitis c after renal transplant started . ascites problem present. age 33. any cure available?

Adenoid Hypertrophy (Lalitha, Japan)

Hello doctor, My son was diagonised to have adnoids during February 2010. He had ear pain then and late in March once. Doctors said he has middle ear fluid. They also say it has to operated. Does he really require a operation? Now he does not have any cold and ear infection. He is in holidays now. Once he goes to school I have a fear he will get cold again? Can you please advice how to avoid cold and ear pain(OTITIS). How to get the middle ear fluid drained. Please advice.

Abscess (Edward, Argentina)

I am suffering from anal abscess since 1994 done surgery 2 times and done ayurvedic medicine also but all in vain. i would only like to know whether i will be healed permanantly from this sickness by doing homeopathy medicine. help please

Backache (Manish, Switzerland)

I have chronic back pain along with othr health problems and want to try homeopathic treatment for the pain, for prevention of health probems and for general overall health.

Alopecia Areata (Suraj, Israel)

Suffering from Baldness [from forehead to middle] from last 10 years. Any medicine?

What is my problem? (Sudhir, Nigeria)

Asslam O A Dr. Sb i amfeeling some problem in the throat means throat is aching, i applied vicks near the jaws kindly guide.

Erectile-Dysfunction (Balu, Bulgaria)

Since last couple of weeks, I am encountering Erectile Dysfunction. I have diabetes (430 PP) with high blood pressure. My semen count was very feeble. Presently, I am suffering from insomnia. Round the tear, I profusely perspire.

Backache (Bhumika, Spain)

My husband is suferring from lower backache and pain in left hip X-ray shows less space between ball and socket of hip joint Please advice some homeo treatment to avid surgery Thanks

Hepatitis-b (Revanth, Qatar)

I am suffering from chronic hepatitis b. my sgpt is doctor has not given any medicine. but given a tablet for gastric. after 6 month later im meeting with my doctor. in beside im taking homeo treat.pls.give me more effective advice.i want to be fully cure.

Amoebiasis (Samar, Kenya)

I am suffering from chronic amebiosis for the past several years. Kindly advise me or help to get your treatment.

Adenoid Hypertrophy (Sriya, Russia)

Hi, my son is 2 years 5 months old, an x-ray result has confirmed he has got very enlarge Adenoid, however his ENT consultant has given one steroid nasal drops for a month to shrink it, but its been a week and there is no change at all, now I want to know if we try your medicine how long will that take to cure completely?

Hepatitis-b (Shital, Colombia)

I am Hepatitis-B patiant since 20 years, what test or treatment I must take? is there any treatment to prevent Liver cancer in Homeopathic? Please Advice....

Lichen Planus (Raju, Romania)

Suffering from oral lichen planus for last 6/7 serious pain but mildly uncomfortable....have plies and gout but not very painful..more worried about oral lichen planus

What is my problem? (Morgen, USA)

Please help i am experiencing weird symptoms. Started as fainting spells and moved to numbness in fingers. Numbness has spread to arms. Also headache, sensitivity to light, trouble breathing, fingers twitching, & nausea. I passed out on the floor for 30 minutes and could not move. Doctors here do not know what is wrong with me. They did a ct scan, which was normal and sent me home. I was born w/ spina bifida and had surgery 2 days after I was born.

What is my problem? (Khalil, USA)

From Last three years, once in a year for a month, i suffered with barking cough and sometimes during cough I became unconcious for 1 or 2 seconds. I have post nasal dripping through a year and have sinus problem. Doctor diagnosis that due to congession I have sleep apnea. I am a diabetic patient. I am smoker thank you for your kind consideration in my case.

Tonsillitis (Moshai, Germany)

Hi there!! I hope you can help me on this: I had tonsolitis about a week ago and my doc put me on antibiotics. The course is finished now, but now I feel this constant right abdominal pain and my back is very sore. Is it still the tonsolitis or can it be something else? Thank you.

Lipoma and Dermographism Urticaria(Vandana, India)

My daughter who is in US,has lipoma since 2 yrs; it erupts over a period and so far there have been at least 4 fatty tissues three in the arms and one below neck; what is your advice and what homeo medicines she should take. She also is suffering from dermographism since last year-the allergy appeared suddenly while she was waiting to board a plane in frankfurt.

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Hello Vandana, Lipoma is generally not a serious disease, though it might look ugly cosmetically. It is a soft tissue tumor. Homeopathy medicines can avert further spread and can also melt the existing lipomas. For treating any case through homeopathy we require a detailed history of the patient, prescribing on diagnosis will only temporarily solve the problem. So to permanently cure lipoma and dermographism we advice you to provide us detailed history of the patient, so that we can prescribe a remedy accordingly which will heal her problems, permanently with out any side effects.

Ankylosing spondylitis (Kamesh, India)

My brother is a s18 yrs old boy who is suffering from ankylosing spondylitis from last 6 years .are there any homeopathic medications to completely cure it coz he has already tried allopathic,homeopathic and ayurvedic all these yrs but no results as such.If you say you cure they how is it that I get assured by your words.

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Ankylosing spondylitis is a form of chronic inflammation of the spine and the sacroiliac joints, its a systemic disease, which means it can affect other tissues throughout the body. Homeopathy certainly has wonderful medicines to cure Ankylosing spondylitis. Allopathic medicines are generally used for pain relieving and reducing inflammation,their effect ceases with time, on the more there might be some serious side effects because of using these pain killers and anti inflammatory medicines for long time. Homeopathy is a well proven mode of therapy, practiced for more than 200 yrs, and an experienced physician can very well analyze the case and prescribe a correct remedy to relieve the patient from his suffering. As far as assurance is concerned we have been treating patients since 16 yrs and served thousands of patients, and their testimony is the proof to our success.

Online Homeo treatment (Trisha, Madagascar)

Hello I live in madagascar. I wld like to know that where are you all situated in india? and also; do you offer treatment online? thank you.

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Hello Trisha we are located in Hyderabad, India. We have a support in U.S as well. We treat all kinds of acute as well as chronic problems online as well as at our onsite centers in Hyderabad. We have been treating patients from all over the world; we have patients in more than 76 countries.

Urine infection (Sunanda, Ireland)

I am having to pass urine a lot of times at night, I feel the urge, but only little comes. I have been to the gp who did test and said there wasn't any urine infection present. I have a dull ache on my pelvic muscles at day time, from going to pass urine a lot during the night, even though not much comes and it is very concentrated.

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Sunanda the information you have provided is very less to come to a conclusion, frequent urination can be due to various reasons, most common are Diabetes, Bladder irritation, Prostate enlargement, Urine infection etc. Proper and detailed investigation can reveal the correct reason of your suffering. Urine infection can also lead to frequent urination, with burning pain while passing urine; a urine examination can detect any infection if present. Diabetics generally have an increased frequency of urination particularly at night. As far as prostate enlargement is concerned the flow of the urine is variable, most of the patients complain of a feeble stream, or drop by drop flowing of urine with frequent urge. What ever the diagnosis may be Homeopathy has excellent medicines to treat such conditions.

Paranoid Schizophrenia (Irfan, Pakistan)

Plz tell me the homeopathic medicine for the treatment of paranoid schizophrenia.

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Hello Irfan, Paranoid Schizophrenia is the most common form of Schizophrenia found through out the world. The symptoms are suspiciousness of others and often have grand schemes of persecution at the root of their behavior. Hallucinations, and more frequently delusions, are a prominent and common part of the illness. These kinds of problems require a detailed history of the patient’s personality; medicines cannot be prescribed just on the basis of diagnosis. Since homeopathy deals with the psyche of the patient, a proper monitoring of the case is also necessary. We have been able to successfully treat several such cases online as well as in our onsite clinics. Please send us a detailed history so that we can advice you further.