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Aquarius and Health Horoscope


A peaceful mind equals a peaceful body. As your world begins to even itself out, you will feel the effects of your energy returning. You will feel a direct correlation between vitality and internal progress. Allow this health to fill you, continuing to build on what�s working and removing what is not. There is no room for worry for Aquarius 2011, as the peaceful state of your mind will not tolerate such a distraction. Beyond 26th January 2011, hurdles could rise. Health could create some challenges and chronic health sufferers could find the going tough. Health & hurdles would improve after the 12th June 2011. You will be able to turn around your health after the 15th November.

Neptune's leaving Aquarius will make place for improvement in your shape. Immunity will grow, the energy will be better channeled, and the focusing capacity will get bigger. These changes will be more visible between April and August 2011 and will stabilize in 2012. Until then, though, in the first months of 2011, be careful when traveling, because speeding, lack of attention and other imprudence can lead to various accidents, not only road-related, but even when a pedestrian.Be careful especially in April 2011!

Health Forecast

Aquarius governs the arms and legs, and one's ability to move about in general. A weakened Aquarius causes impaired movement, for example clumsiness, whereas a strengthened Aquarius gives stamina and elegance to the movements. Also the hands and feet are related to Aquarius, but they tend also to be influenced by some other signs, depending on the situation and ailment.

The Good News for 2011

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