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Homeopathy treatment for Meningitis

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Meningitis is an infection of the coverings around the brain and spinal cord.
The infection occurs most often in children, teens, and young adults. Also at risk are older adults and people who have long-term health problems, such as a weakened immune system.

What are symptoms of meningitis ?

Symptoms of meningitis, which may appear suddenly, often include high fever, severe and persistent headache, stiff neck, nausea, and vomiting. Changes in behavior, such as confusion, sleepiness, and difficulty waking up, are important symptoms. In infants, symptoms of meningitis are often much less specific and may include irritability or tiredness, poor feeding, and fever

Some types of meningitis can be deadly if not treated promptly. Anyone experiencing symptoms of meningitis should see a doctor immediately

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There are two main kinds of meningitis

  • Viral meningitis is fairly common. It usually does not cause serious illness. In severe cases, it can cause prolonged fever and seizures
  • Bacterial meningitis is not as common but is very serious. It needs to be treated right away to prevent brain damage and death

The two kinds of meningitis share the same symptoms. It�s very important to see a doctor if you have symptoms, so that he or she can find out which type you have

What is encephalomyelitis ?

Encephalomyelitis is the term used to refer to inflammation of both the brain and spinal cord. Encephalomyelitis can be caused by a variety of conditions that lead to irritation of the brain and spinal cord. Among the common causes of encephalomyelitis are viruses which infect the nervous tissues (for example, herpes zoster virus). People with encephalomyelitis can exhibit combinations of the various symptoms of either encephalitis or meningitis

What is the outlook (prognosis) for patients with encephalitis or meningitis ?

The prognosis for encephalitis or meningitis varies. Some cases are mild, short, and relatively benign and patients have full recovery. Other cases are severe, and permanent impairment or death is possible

Auroh Homeopathy Treatment

homeopathy has a limited role in treating such kind of cases, though initial symptoms of fever, headaches can be effectively controlled

homeopathy discerns that the body has within it a controlling and defending force and power .it is only when this fighting power or resistance is disturbed, do we fall ill. The disease is thus not an affection of the parts but a disorder in the patient as a whole .Since one patient differs from another each requires a different medicine based on his individual and mental symptoms

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