auroh homeopathy second opinion
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The second opinion in medicine - and specifically in sensitive health problem areas like Adenoids, Chronic disease etc is necessary. Most importantly when we are diagonised with a certain health ailment, we not sure whether to accept that diagnoisis and go ahead with medication or visit another doctor for second opinion. Many instances, we are confused since going to another doctor is again an expensive affair. Sometimes, we don't want to take medicine which cause side effects. In that case we may look for alternative medication.

Auroh Second Opinion is one of the great lifesavers in medicine, and very inexpensive.

Auroh Second Opinion is a service for patients to seek a second opinion online. This is a service offered by Auroh Health Sciences only. Auroh enables patients to take advantage of the wealth of medical information found on the internet, and to avoid traveling to visit the clinic in person.

When Auroh doctors talk to you on phone, they re-read the exams, there is always the possibility Auroh doctor may find something that can change a patient's diagnosis, treatment plan, therapy, or prognosis.

So, this is a great advantage for patients to seek second opinion.

How to get Auroh's Second Opinion Service?

  1. Send a mail to [email protected] describing briefly about the disease with your contact information.
  2. Pay one time fee $12 by clicking here.
  3. Recieve a call from Auroh doctor and take second opinion.