Auroh Homeopathy Testimonials

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N C Babu - Hyderabad, India (IT professional)

It was the time when I thought to quit my job due to my health problems.

  • Severe pain at both wrists & fingers (sometime froze while typing)
  • Pain in my shoulders which stretches to elbow
  • Lower back pain due to prolonged sitting and no work outs
  • Gastritis & Leukoderma
  • Every day I used to wake up with lot of pain at my neck part with crackling sounds when I tried to move neck & shoulders

It was a damn tough time for me to continue as an IT professional with all these health issues.

One fine day, on my colleague's advise (who was treated to the BEST at Auroh homeopathy clinic) for her leg accident problem (total numb state to normal), I met Dr.Akhtar at Auroh homeopathy Clinic in Aug'09, and then the change had begun. In the first 2 months of my treatment I could see a drastic change. Primarily, pain at neck & shoulders part has been controlled and then pain at my wrists and fingers was almost gone. This has really boosted my confidence to work in IT Industry :-).

Its been around 8 months am under Dr. Akhtar's treatment and I could say to my heart that my health has improved about 40% i.e 60% of my good health during working days. Surprisingly, this reaches 70% during the weekends as I get enough rest.The best part is am being treated on a priority basis i.e Complex health issues are being taken care first and goes one after another.

Am still undergoing the treatment and feeling better day by day. I feel discomfort whenever I spent long hours at my workstation or not having enough sleep/rest.When I sent my initial feedback to Dr.Akhtar appreciating the treatment/results am seeing, he kindly replied that GOD is healing my pains through him. I feel these are best words that a patient could receive from a doctor.

I've recommended one of my colleagues to Auroh Homeopathy clinic for her shoulder pain and other problems. She is undergoing treatment now.I'm sure I'll definitely come back with more positive feedback soon.

Many thanks to Dr.Akhtar & Auroh team. All the best.

David - Bangalore, India (Lichen Planus)

I, David started my treatment under the care of Dr Akhtar khanwala, one year ago and I can positively say that it has benefited me immensely. After previously changing several doctors for my skin problem, lichen planus, I used a lot of conventional medicines along with steroids only to get my problem back to square one after stopping them. I believe that I have got the best possible care at Auroh. Here the doctors are extremely helpful and genuinely interested in the patient's well being. Auroh deserves to be recommended to others. It has given me a new life. Touch wood the problem has been completely addressed, I don�t have any recurrences, and I am leading a happy and healthy life. Thanks Dr Akhtar & Auroh for your care and support

Sunil Mehta - Gurgaon, India (Asthma)

I am 38 yrs old and have been a patient of chronic asthma for the past 18 yrs. I tried various forms of treatments, but they provided only temporary relief. Intake of various medicines affected my digestive system to a great extent. I reached a stage when I could not consume food. There was constant pain in the chest. I lost weight drastically with many other complications. After 18 yrs of suffering, I finally came to Auroh. Today I am highly obliged to them. Dr Padmaja took the best possible way to care of my case, she also helped me in withdrawing my inhalers which I was using since ages. With homeopathic medicines not only did my asthma get better but the there was remarkable relief in my digestive problems. My food intake improved and chest pain reduced considerably. Thanks to Dr Padmaja & Auroh I am living a happy, healthy and joyous life

Neil - Ny, Usa (Acne)

I visited Auroh website for my acne problem. I faced this problem as soon as 13 yrs. My cheeks were full of acne. With homeopathic treatment at Auroh, my acne subsided within 8 months. I am very thankful to all the doctors at Auroh who had initially explained that my problem was all part of growing up. Now with Auroh�s treatment, I can keep my face beautiful and acne free forever. I feel more confident and hope cases like mine should visit Auroh to get treated permanently

S.kJunaid - Lucknow, India (Alopecia)

Two years ago, I happened to surf the web and found Auroh homeopathy for the treatment of Alopecia Areata with many doubts in mind & little hope because all the previous treatments had failed. I am a businessman by profession. Today, after 2 years of treatment at Auroh, I can vouch that Auroh�s treatment is extremely effective & satisfactory. I am heartily thankful to all the doctors at the clinic. God Bless U. Thanks & keep up the good work

Shawn - Hobart, Australia (Vitiligo)

I have responded to the treatment positively. For about 80% overall cured. The patches started on my elbow, spreading over to my neck, ears and tip of nose. It has not spread. It is under control. The medicine is helping me. I don�t have any spot on my face now. Everything there is gone. I only have it on my elbow and that too is shrinking. I am extremely thankful to Dr Abde Razzak, though I couldn�t pronounce his name correctly ever during my interaction with him on phone, he was very kind enough to go in depth in my problem and help me get rid of this disease. Mate I am depending only on your treatment. With your treatment I hope I can get rid of the spots. Thanks Dr Abde Razzak & Auroh for treating me well

Christy - Clinton, Usa (Trigeminal Neuralgia)

Hi, I have achieved great progress while taking your medicines. I have observed about a 75% improvement overall. I have almost stopped all my previous medicines. My condition is improving day by day. Thanks to Auroh and team

Kala Krishna - NJ, Usa (Atopic Dermatitis)

First I was very skeptical of how can I opt for a treatment online, where the doctor cant meet the patient face to face. Second reason for my doubt was when in New Jersey the dermatitis couldn�t help me how can these guys from India do it for me, though me being an Indian. But I am proud to say that an Indian has cured me of my suffering. I have responded very well to Atopic Dermatitis treatment so far. I have improved around 90% since we started your treatment. I have also observed that Atopic Dermatitis has improved on some body parts such as face, arms, chest, tummy and back. Thank you Auroh for the wonderful work you people are doing

Alexis - Marseille, France (Chalazion)

Mon chalazion a r�duit en taille par compl�tement. Je trouve bonne am�lioration depuis le d�but avec le m�dicament. J'ai encore quelques chalazion, mais la fr�quence est beaucoup moins qu'auparavant. Je n'ai pas une nouvelle depuis un an maintenant. Je suis tr�s satisfait du traitement. Mes meilleurs v�ux � l'�quipe de m�decins de Auroh

English translation of above testimonial
My chalazion has reduced in size by completely. I find good improvement since starting with the medicine. I still get some chalazion, but the frequency is much less than before. I have not got a new one since a year now. I am very satisfied with the treatment. My best wishes to the team of doctors at Auroh

Jose - Bradford, Uk (Nephrotic Syndrome)

My Nephrotic syndrome is incredibly better. There seems to be no swelling. I have responded 100% to this treatment. There seems to be a significant improvement whilst taking the medicine. I have had no relapse since started with the treatment, so it�s been a year since I had a relapse. My heartfelt thanks to Auroh and its team of Doctors

Gyani - Ohio, Usa (Lichen Planus)

The lichen planus has improved by 80%. I have had the most benefit with the treatment. I have not had any new blisters or breakouts of the lichen in almost 16 months. Since the last course of medicine many of the lesions have dried up and gone away. The ones on my legs, are dried and do not itch as much or as often. I have no marks on my back where it all started. I still get a blister once in a while in my mouth, and there is a sensation of a burned tongue (like I drank something too hot). The last course of medicine really helped me feel as though it is possible to be healed. I have regained my energy level and a better frame of mind. I thank you for your assistance in my healing

Vijay - Hyderabad, India (Ankylosing Spondylitis)

In three months the ankylosing spondylitis improved by 50 %. The pain and stiffness of joints reduced considerably. I was unable to walk earlier, I would stoop. Now, I can move about freely. The severe crisis of my life is over. I hope all my troubles are permanently cured as assured by the doctors here. I am overwhelmed with the amazing difference that Auroh�s treatment has brought about in my life

Jacob - Missouri, USA (Eczema)

The treatment has worked wonders for me. There was considerable improvement in the eczema within 3 weeks of starting the medicines. Before treatment, there were lots of eruptions on both the hands, little eruptions on back side of hand and feet. It was accompanied by speedy drying and scaling of skin. In 3 weeks of medicines, the eruptions decreased. It seemed the eruptions could not fight the medicine's power. Eruptions stopped occurring on back side of palms. The redness has gone down by 60%. I have seen 80% improvement in 6 months of treatment. The eczema is healing. I was fed up using all this lotions and ointments prescribed by the doctors here, now I am sure my skin will be as smooth as it was earlier, all thanks to Dr Ritu Singh & doctors at Auroh

Samad - Malaysia (Nephrotic Syndrome)

I am responding quite well with the treatment. My urine protein has been negative since starting the treatment. The last relapse was on 26/1/09, the urine protein was +++ then, I was on prednisalone 12.5mg. The urine protein reduced to negative after about 2 weeks with the Auroh�s medicines. Urine protein has been negative since then. Thanks to the team of doctors at Auroh, I am feeling much more comfortable now

Sylvia - USA (Vitiligo)

The vitiligo spots on the face have improved almost 80%. The disease has stopped spreading on the face. There are no spots right now. In the knees and ankles the spots have improved by about 40%. Our best wishes, hoping your work with homoeopathy will continue in such a successful way. Thanks a lot Auroh

Melaine - Manila, Philipines (Psoriasis)

My psoriasis has improved by 80% with your treatment. There are no scars left, the scalp lesions have decreased, and the lesions over the legs are minimized. I have also stopped applying steroidal creams which I used to apply previously. I am so happy. Thanks for the concern and interest shown by doctors. My life has changed considerably

Rakesh - Delhi, India (Asthma)

I was referred to you by my friend who had a similar problem. I have seen significant improvement in my condition. My asthmatic bronchitis is far better. Considering the weather changes and extremes of weather over here, I was thinking to relocate my self, because of my asthma. Now with your treatment I am much better and can concentrate on my daily work. I have been fortunate to find you, and stay back in the city which I love. The treatment is wonderful. I would go out of my way to recommend people to go to Auroh for problems such as mine. Thanks to my doctors at Auroh

Petrica - Romania (Chalazion)

I have responded well to the treatment. Within 2 months of treatment, the left eye bulge disappeared completely and at the right eye the two bulges and a little scar has improved by 80%-90%. I noticed that during the second month of treatment the healing was more rapid. By then I thought 4 months of treatment would be enough for healing. Then the progress of healing slowed down but anyway we haven�t had problems of recurrence or spreading of the problem. Thanks Auroh