Case Studies

Case 1 - Urticaria Case 5 - Gerd
Case 2 - Warts Case 6 - Nephrotic Syndrome
Case 3 - Psoriasis Case 7 - Bronchial Asthma
Case 4 - Eczema  

Case 1 - Urticaria




Ms S Aged 24 yrs (Reg num Aur 8364) came with a presenting symptom of chronic urticaria with angioedema, which was there since almost 7 yrs. She was on allopathic treatment used to take Allegra or Cetrizine or some other anti histamine, but now those drugs were not relieving the symptoms as they used to previously.

  • So the dermatologist suggested her to go on steroids, since those medications were to expensive, she came to us as wanted quick and cheap treatment (Patients words)
  • When the patient came to us she had an acute attack of Itching, burning, & swelling all over the body.
  • She has highly restless, expressive, was mild, dressed very neatly.
  • When asked about her past history she told that the complaints started after the death of her father.
  • She felt very lonely after his death. Appetite was markedly diminished. Thirst was very less,but she used to drink little quantity in small intervals.
  • Her tolerance towards Hot temperature was better than cold, hence she was a chilly patient.
  • She liked sweets, pickles, chicken, and had aversion to eggs.

This patient had a marked fear of the disease, she thought that because of this problem she will die someday, she was dressed up very neatly, when asked about her habits she told she liked to keep everything neat and clean, and this would be a reason for her fight with her younger brother and mother.

  • Her mother told she was very fussy about cleanliness.
  • History of Urticaria was there in her family, mother had diabetes, father passed away due to stroke
  • Arsenic Album 200 was given to her, and she started improving instantly.
  • Her appetite improved, her sleep which was disturbed improved, and her fears also started diminishing.
  • Now she is only on homeopathic medicines, and has completely stopped used anti histamines.

Case 2 - Warts





Mr A aged about 29 yrs, (Reg Num Aur 8786) complained about warts on the same part since 4 yrs, he got it cauterized twice before but it used to reappear on the same place after a few months. No other major illness, apart from occasional constipation with gases and flatulence. Has a history of headache gets headache once in two months.

  • He is extremely extrovert person, very talkative, had a lot of friends, he liked to roam a lot.
  • He used become anger at small matters, but was very conscientious.
  • He had a craving for sour things, liked fish a lot and aversion to meat.
  • The thirst was normal, his tolerance towards cold was better than heat.
  • Sometimes he said he had this tendency to not to talk to anyone, he used to feel sad & hated to talk to anyone, he didn�t like being consoled when he was in such state of mind.
  • Family history: Father-Diabetes, Mother-Br Cancer
  • After considering his above symptoms he was prescribed Natrum Sulph 30.
  • He got severe headache after taking the medicine, which subsided within 3 hrs, his constipation became better.
  • After almost 4 mnths his wart stated healing, and never came back again.

Case 3 - Psoriasis





Mr H Aged about 75 yrs (Reg Num Aur 6775) came to us with the complaint of Psoriasis of sole. He was having lot of cuts which were bleeding, had a lot of burning in the sole, he was suffering with this problem since almost 15 yrs. frequent urination, which came in drops few time a day.

  • Reports suggested of prostatomegaly
  • The problem started on the left side and after a couple of years started on right side also.
  • The patient was confused, and he was behaving very childishly.
  • One marked symptom was he that the patient was not worried about the psoriasis but worried that his hair falling was more. This shows the misplaced anxiety of the patient.
  • By this we mean that the person is more worried about problem which is less dangerous, and severe.
  • Hairfall at his age is common, and not that important, but he was concerned more about it.
  • His appetite was ravenous; he used to eat almost 5-6 times per day. His thirst was normal.
  • He had 13 kids; he worked as a driver for a bus company.
  • His tolerance for cold was better, he never used to wear on top while sleeping at night, during peak winters also he never used covering, and wanted the fan to be switched on.
  • According to his wife, who was 12 years younger to him, this patient had a very high sexual desire.
  • Considering the above facts patient was prescribed Baryta Mur 200.
  • The eruptions aggravated for a few days, then slowly after two weeks the improvement started, his appetite became normal, the burning came down, his childishness also improved.

Case 4 - Eczema





Dr B.K.R Aged 69 yrs (Reg Num Aur 7680) came to us with sever weeping Eczema, which he was suffering since 8 years, the problem aggravated since 6-7 months. Location right leg, very small eruptions on left leg as well which developed recently.

  • He himself being a doctor at government hospital could not find a remedy to heal his problem.
  • He was having Diabetes which started 4 years back, very old history of lower back pain for which he used voveron, brufen and in recent days was using ibuprofen.
  • We tried to elicit the stress factor in his case which according to him was that his wife had expired and he missed her a lot, he was staying with is son, and since he(patient) was retired was finding difficulty in spending time at home.
  • He was a very hard working doctor, used to work for 18 to 20 hrs a day when he was young, sometime he used to stay back in the hospital for 48 hrs if the patient was serious.
  • He was very helpful and honest person, very talkative, lively, he always wanted to be busy, but because of the eczema he used to have pain and burning and was unable to move freely.
  • He loved to have sweets, he said though he was a doctor, and knew sweets are bad for his health, he couldn�t resist the temptation to have sweets. He liked to eat every thing except human beings (patient�s words)
  • Thirst was very high, frequent urination at night, sweating more on chest and back.
  • Dreams of his wife who had passed away.
  • Considering the above history of industriousness, extroverted, desires, thirst etc, we prescribed him Sulphur 200.
  • There was an instant change in his condition, to his surprise the cuts and wounds started healing without any tropical ointment, or any anti biotic.
  • His sugar levels also came down, he later told us that he never believed in homeopathy, and he just wanted to give a fluke try.
  • To date he has referred us several patients, and become an Ambassador of goodwill for Auroh.

Case 5 - Gerd


A 45 yrs old lady Mrs. Vaibhavi (Reg Num Aur6960) came with the complaint of burning pain in the abdomen since 18 months. She was diagnosed having chronic gastritis and duodenitis with superficial ulcerations in the stomach. Her burning pain was relieved to an extent by cold milk. She was on antacids which does not relieve her burning pain at all.

Along with this, she suffered from chronic constipation since 15 years. She had to take laxatives to pass stools, and had to strain to pass soft stools. She also had lumbosacral backache radiating to both lower limbs with tingling and numbness. Her backache was aggravated by standing, walking, and was relieved to an extent by rest and pressure. Along with this, she had joint pains, was diagnosed having osteoporosis. Patient was a known case of diabetes mellitus with end organ involvement causing diabetic retinopathy.

Her appetite was good, with marked craving for spicy food. Patient was quite an anxious lady. She had worries about her children, worries about small matters. Patient was intolerant of her pain, weeps with pain. She desired to die because of the pain. Patient would weep, moan with the pain, and would feel a little better after passing stools.

She was very fast in her work, she ate her food very fast, and her speed of walking was very fast. She wanted to do everything in great hurry. She was Fretful and irritable, over the slightest cause.

Based on her totality and taking into account her illness, Sulphuric Acid 200 was prescribed to her. After about 6 months of regular treatment, patient reports of 80 to 90% relief in her burning pain. She can pass stools with much ease, without the use of laxatives. She has been off antacids since 2 months. She is more comfortable, her mood is more cheerful, is able to do her daily activities independently. Her backache and joint pains are also relieved to a good extent.

This case illustrates to us that even obstinate cases of gastritis and duodenitis that do not respond to conventional treatment show excellent response to Homoeopathic treatment. This lady was not at all benefited with conventional antacids but 6 months of regular homoeopathic treatment gave her significant relief.

Case 6 - Nephrotic Syndrome


This is the case of a 40-year-old Mr G. P (Reg Num-6147) who was brought to the clinic by his family with a known case of nephrotic syndrome which had started with swelling of lower eyelids and gradually spread to his face, abdomen and scrotum. He had a few relapses in the last 2 years. On examination, his urine appeared frothy. His urine protein fluctuated between trace to ++++. His symptoms increased with acute Upper Respiratory Tract Infection.

Along with nephrotic syndrome, he had suffered from upper respiratory tract infection since two months. He had cold and nose congestion. All his respiratory symptoms aggravated at night. He had an average appetite. He was very fond of salty food, sweets and pickles. He was averse to curd. He had profuse perspiration on his scalp. He had sleep disturbances due to the constant coughing. Thirst was diminished.

He was not able to tolerate cold at all. He resided with his parents in a joint family. He was a restless. He was very talkative and used to get angry easily. He used to throw things whenever he used to get angry. He was very stubborn and destructive.

His past history revealed a fracture in the Femur (Hip Joint) at the age of 15. He had no history of any other major illness. His mother was asthmatic. His maternal grandmother was diabetic and maternal grandfather had suffered from Ischaemic heart disease. His paternal grandmother was hypertensive and his paternal grandfather had suffered from osteoarthritis.

He had taken lot of allopathic medication in the initial years of life. After detailed case history, he was prescribed Nitric Acid 200. After about one month of homeopathic treatment, there was only a trace of urine protein. He did not have any episode of nephrotic syndrome in the last six months. This was a classic case of patient recovering from his respiratory symptoms (recurrent cold and cough), with marked improvement in his symptoms of nephrotic syndrome wherein routine urine examination revealed absence of proteins. There was considerable improvement in the swelling on his face and eyelids.

Case 7 - Bronchial Asthma


Mrs. H. E (Reg Num 5165), a female patient aged 33 years reported to the clinic for the treatment of her Bronchial Asthma which she had for the last 9 years. She had been on bronchodilator puffs and oral medicines for the last 9 years but in spite of this, she was never completely relieved from the complaints.

Once in a month she would get a severe attack of breathlessness, the attacks would aggravate in winters, although she would daily take the medicines for asthma as prescribed by her physician. Her breathlessness would be worse from the least exertion, on climbing stairs, early morning, from dust, pungent odors and after 4pm. She would also have bouts of cough without much of expectoration. Her cough would get worse on lying down and she had to sit up for relief. She also had incontinence of urine during the episodes of cough.

She was an obese female with a puffed-up face and had gained weight since 4-5 years. The excess weight gain had occurred after taking steroids for asthma. There was puffiness of the hands and feet. She had become lethargic since a few months and had developed indifference to work.

Her appetite had reduced and so had her thirst. She liked spicy and mixed taste, was not fond of sweets and milk. Her sweat was scanty, with no particular odor. Her menses would be scanty lasting only for a day and they would always be delayed by 2-3 weeks. She would be very irritable before menses and would have backache during menses.

She was a housewife and stayed with her husband and two sons. There was a lot of anxiety about her family. She had the tendency to weep at trifles. She was quite fastidious in nature and would be very particular about the way work should be done.

She had suffered from jaundice in the past. In her family there was history of ischemic heart disease (father) and thyroid disorder (mother).

Based on the above history, she was started on homeopathic treatment for the asthma and her other complaints. She was prescribed a drug called Arsenic Album 200 and within 6 months of treatment, her complaints of cough and breathlessness were much better than before. She was able to reduce and later stop the use of her inhalers within a span of 6-8 months. Her physician also reduced the dosage of bronchodilator drugs to the minimum. Her dependence on steroid puffs was completely eliminated. She became much more active than before and did not have the constant lethargic feeling anymore.

This case illustrates that how homeopathy can be of great help even in those cases where the conventional medicines fail to provide adequate relief. This patient would experience constant breathlessness in spite of being on conventional medicines but after starting homeopathic treatment she was able to overcome her dependence on the conventional medicines and got significant relief from the symptoms at the same time.