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Adenoid Hypertrophy - Surgery Side Effects

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There are a number of risks associated with any surgical procedure. Some are common to all surgical procedures, and others are specifically related to removal of the tonsils and adenoids. Standard surgical risks may include excessive bleeding and anesthesia complications such as allergic or adverse reactions to medications.
Some postoperative risks that are specifically related to tonsil and/or adenoid surgery include:

Delayed bleeding from the tonsillar area

Although delayed bleeding after tonsillectomy occurs in just a few percent of all patients, it can happen anytime after the procedure. The most common time frame is during the second week. When bleeding does occur, it is usually because the scab that formed over the incision became infected or fell off too soon. Most of the time this bleeding is minor, however, there are large blood vessels nearby that can lead to more serious bleeding.

Postoperative infection

As with ANY surgical incision, the tonsillar area can become infected after surgery.

Unusual scarring of the soft palate and tissues in the back of the throat

Scarring in the region of the soft palate and tissues surrounding the adenoid pad occurs in 5-10% of all patients. It is correctable with additional surgery. However, these operations are fairly complicated and may require several stages.

Problems sealing the soft palate against the back wall of the throat

Children with extremely large adenoid pads may have some short term problems moving the soft palate after removal of the adenoids. The soft palate may have become a bit "lazy" because the adenoid pad was helping to seal off the back of the nasal cavities during speech and swallowing. If the seal is weak, children can have temporary changes in speech quality or have fluid leak from the nose when drinking rapidly.


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