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Baby Neelima, India
Age - 8 yrs
Reg num: 64786 aur

My daughter had Adenoids since she was 5 yr old. In allopathy she had to be given heavy antibiotics and tablets for fever frequently as a result of which her immunity weakened, her appetite was totally gone, she was very dull. The Doctors had advised surgery for her, this scared me lot.

After consulting and starting treatment with Dr.Akhtar khanwala, now he is absolutely fine, eating well, she has become very active, and her irritability has come down a lot. We saw miraculous result of homeopathy in her cough and breathing problem and she doesn't need any tablets now. Thanks to Dr.Akhtar khanwala and homeopathy to allow my daughter lead a normal life.


Master Dinesh, U.S
Age - 8 yrs
Reg num: 78934 aur

Thanks to Dr Padmaja and Auroh for helping us to Cure our sonís long standing respiratory problem. First we went to local pedreatician for his complaint; they prescribed lot of antibiotics for almost 5 months as he was diagnosed of having Adenoids, then they told he required a surgery. My kid had terrible breathing problem, and he used to snore like adults while sleeping.

One fine day doing research online I found AUROH, and to mine and my sonís good luck, we contacted the doctors. We were very skeptical of how can online treatment help our kid cope with such a terrible problem. They convinced us that through online treatment which they provide the problem can be completely terminated.

They said the medicines were natural and absolutely safe for my kid. We started instantly the treatment as I was really scared to put my little child under knife. Now he is absolutely fine without any breathing problem. His immunity has improved a lot. I have referred many friends of mine to AUROH, and personally started my treatment for Psoriasis.
I Thank God, Dr.Padmaja and Auroh


Mis Sugra, India
Age - 13 yrs
Reg num: 89675 aur

I am very happy with the homeopathic treatment which Dr. Akhtar khanwala has given to my daughter Sugra. She was suffering from Adenoids which were troubling her since past 5 years, we used to put her on antibiotics on and off. She used to be fine for that period, but once we stopped the problem would reappear, with greater intensity.

My Kid had a lot of problem during breathing, her voice had totally changed, she had a nasal tone while speaking, she used to breath through mouth, her teachers were complaing that she was detoriating in her studies in spite of her being a very intelligent girl since childhood. She also started getting pimples on face on face. The doctors told that it was due to the medicines.

One fine day my friend from Malaysia told me about this site, He is already taking treatment for his liver problem (Mukkaram Ismail).I immediately contacted Dr Akhtar, He was very cooperative in listening to my kids history. He prescribed some great medicine, because of which my kid is totally disease free now.
She has improved and excelling in her studies. I am very impressed and thank this organization and Specially Dr Akhtar for his assistance and wish that he continues his precious service to humanity."


Master Kiran, India
Age - 10 yrs
Reg num: 88761 aur

My son suffered from adenoids, he suffered from frequent cold and had to breathe through his mouth for most of the time.After taking homeopathy medicines for around 8 months he is absolutely fine with no signs of recurrence.
I thank the doctors at Auroh for treating my son so carefully.


Master Lucky, Australia
Age - 3 yrs
Reg num: 92351 aur

My son suffered from adenoids, he was put on lots and lots of antibiotics, and finally doctors told this is the right age for surgery lets do it. My god that was scary. I thought at such a tender age how can I put my child through all this.

I had heard about Homeopathy through a friend, so went online to check options. To my sonís luck( his nick name is Lucky) we found Aurohís site. He was put on treatment with Dr Somesh, This doctor I should tell has tremendous patience for dealing with patients. My wife used to mail him every single day during the first few weeks and he used to answer all the queries to her satisfaction, many of the times we would call him at odd times too,but he wouldnít mind. I am very thankful to Dr Somesh and Auroh homeopathy for treating my son. He is absolutely Hale and Healthy now Thank God.


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