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Cancer and Health Horoscope


Always emotional, the Cancer is often his own worst enemy in the health department. As the Cancer 2011 yearly horoscope shows that 2011 is bringing good and positive emotions, health should remain strong as stress will remain low. As always, get enough rest and feel free to baby yourself on those days that seem like too much to handle. Health & care about blood related disorders should be high on your priority between 15th February 2011 & 25th March 2011 and then again from 30th October 2011 till end of the year.

Health will be relatively good throughout 2011 although you'll have to deal with large amounts of stress, especially in April, June and September. In order to cope with all the fuss and tension, you should try some relaxing techniques and eat magnesium-based food or take magnesium supplements. However, health will require attention in November and December 2011, when Mercury will be retrograde in the medical sector, which will also involve an eclipse on top of everything!

Health Forecast

Cancer governs the skin, which is the organ for the sense of touch. A weakened Cancer creates skin problems of all kinds. Also a strong Cancer is open to some skin ailments � but it usually results in very healthy skin, sometimes almost radiant.

The Good News for 2011

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