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Pisces and Health Horoscope


It�s easy to feel good when life is going so well! After all the work you�ve done, you deserve rewards. But don�t let up. Health has a way of sneaking away from you if you stop putting in the time. In spite of the success you will experience at the beginning of the year, maintain moderation in all things. This will keep you out of your head and fight off the indecision you are often prone to. So, get out there and go for it, Pisces 2011!

The bad news is that starting with March 2011 your vigor will go down, and the good news is that you'll have less stress and unwind a bit. The physical potential will decrease in 2011, meaning that you won't get any energy from Uranus anymore, as you have been for the past seven years, and any support from Jupiter, like last year. In fact, it'll come down to normal limits. Your morale will be excellent in 2011, and this will be obvious especially in the second part of the year. Some health problems, or maybe just more attention given to the medical sector, will be possible in August and October 2011. Some problem & pain in arms could come up between May & 15th November.

Health Forecast

Pisces governs the nervous system, therefore also the reflexes. A weakened Pisces can lead to erratic behavior and some unintentional body spasms, whereas a strengthened Pisces leads to composition and calmness � up to a point. Several but not all ailments of the psyche are related to Pisces.

The Good News for 2011

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