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Virgo and Health Horoscope


No news is good news. Health looks good. Stay strong, keep eating right and work to build healthy habits. If you find yourself bored with predictability, add a team sport to the roster and be sure to give it your all. After 25th January 2011, personal health could cause worry & concerns too. Hunger and overeating could result between May & 15th November. If you are not cautious, chances of putting on weight exist. Avoidable stress should also not let you bother you as it could cause health issues. If some chronic health problems were bothering you, there will be significant improvement after 25th December 2011 too

Usually, you don't have to tell a Virgo to watch their health. Most of them have born medical aptitudes and take good care of their health. Still, in 2011 the pressure on the ruler of your house of diseases will be a bit high, especially in May, June, July and August 2011. August 2011 might even turn out to be a high-risk month because, on top of everything, Mercury (the ruler of your sign) will be retrograde in a dangerous area. Caution!

Health Forecast

Virgo governs the food intake and related intestines, for example and especially the stomach. A weakened Virgo leads to eating disorders and stomach ache. Those with a strengthened Virgo can eat just about anything.

The Good News for 2011

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