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Libra and Health Horoscope


As long as you focus on balancing your life this year, the Libra 2011 yearly horoscope shows that there will be few health issues. Saturn arrives to stabilize you and help regain energy and vigor. This year, the impulse to do more than you are capable of will be easier to ignore. Diet should be controlled, else food related health problems could come up till early May. Health could become a cause of concern between May to 15th November

Saturn's transit through your sign threatens to weaken your disease resistance. Against this background, you can end up with Saturn-like illnesses (related to bones, joints, teeth, skin, hair or nails), diseases caused by low immunity (infections, herpes, Candida etc.) or by exposure in inappropriate conditions (colds, rheumatism). It's also now that latent upsets can relapse and uncared-for ones can become chronic. Beware!

Health Forecast

Libra governs the food processing intestines that absorb nutrition, and the excrement. A weakened Libra results in digestion problems, also things like constipation or the opposite. A strong Libra can lead to similar problems, but mostly makes the metabolism like clockwork.

The Good News for 2011

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