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Scorpio and Health Horoscope


After a strenuous 2010, the Scorpio 2011 yearly horoscope shows that you enter the new year slightly exhausted. Allow your body time to recover. As you can see from the other areas in your life, 2011 will instill you with a passion and creative energy you do not have to fight for the way you did in 2010. However, that energy will only come if you are not too exhausted to receive it. In the earlier part of the year, trust that creativity is around the corner and allow yourself time to relax, meditate and get plenty of rest. The vitality will return soon enough.

2011 could be called "the year of redecorations". You can fix your teeth now, and also successfully take care of the way you look. From exercising, diets, massage, and cosmetic procedures to cosmetic surgeries, anything leading to improving your physical appearance seems to be successfully carried through. If you have nasty habits, such as smoking or biting your nails, now it's the time to get rid of them. You need to be careful about health & injuries between 25th July 2011 & 9th September 2011

Health Forecast

Scorpio governs the genitals and the hormones. A weakened Scorpio can lead to a diminished sex drive, and a strengthened Scorpio to the opposite. Venereal disease is very much related to Scorpio, and so is the urine. The effects on the hormones are usually subtle and difficult to observe.

The Good News for 2011

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